Often a client will independently acquire or already have a plot in which case a survey may be necessary to establish soil type, drainage, etc. and other factors that can effect the house type and construction. Or you may be looking for a plot in a particular location or to suite a chosen house type. Again we can advise and assist you finding a suitable plot if needed.

Service available: THAILAND

Land deed

Before start any process, be sure the land you ‘own’ is free and you have the right to build on it. Many time happen that the land you purchase doesn’t really belong to the owner that sold you the land! We work closely with land officer that can support us and let us know if there is any suspect restriction on the land deed or if any illegal issue has been processed on the land.

Service available: THAILAND


Depending on the location the Thai planning permission process is not usually as lengthy as that in most European countries. However there are still local requirements to satisfy and permits to obtain before work can start. We deal with all of this and ensure your house is ‘legal’ at all stages.

Service available: THAILAND

House design

You choose the style, suggest us your needs, and our architects design your tailor made house that better fit your requirement. You simply choose from an online catalogue then the architect will customise for your specific plot and any other special requirements, fittings, finishes, etc. Thanks of our high skilled designer, you get immediate pre-views, plan and 3D design to understand the final result.

Service available: WORLDWIDE

Building contractor

With the pre-build stages completed to your satisfaction we create then a detailed contract for the actual construction of your home. This will include a fixed price quote to cover details of the work to be done, timings, costs, payment terms, progress reporting, conflict resolution procedures, etc. When signed and usually a construction deposit paid, we will proceed with the building according to the schedule.

Service available: WORLDWIDE


We co-ordinate delivery of materials, workforce, day to day supervision and inspection. Typically the work proceeds through: Brick/block work, Framing, beams, roof trusses, floors, bath tubs/ showers, roofing, heating & plumbing, electrical, doors & windows, Lock-up.  We offer regular reports including video/pictures via the internet and keep you fully informed as work progresses against the agreed schedule.

Service available: THAILAND

Interior design

Our service doesn’t cover only the architecture and landscape design but also thanks to our specialised interior designers which will follow you on the choose of material, matching color and furniture design. We have a big supplier list of furniture builder and furniture shop that will give you a big range of possibility to decor your interior.

Service available: WORLDWIDE

Import furniture and material

Being on business since the last few year, we can directly order material and furniture from many factory offshore. From home appliances, to furniture made in Italy we order and delivery to your home giving an High standard carpentry work and high quality material. take look to our partner page.

Service available: WORLDWIDE

Follow up

We always behind our customer, the contractor see us as specialised customer. We use to write the agreement that protect our customer even after the work is finish keeping a part of budget to be paid one year after the work is complete in order to have a fast response in case there is a problem after the work from the construction company is finish.

Service available: WORLDWIDE (only project we do)

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