Project Description

We have been contact from a customer that was trying to finish his own villa in Ko Lanta since six year but without success. After the first meeting we find out that there were irregular issue about land deed, drawing and building permit were missing. The construction was also in bad condition and the construction made so far was not following safe standard, electricity was missing and had no access to public water. After only 14 month of work, after we figure out land deed, drawing, construction, interior and permit, the villa was ready to host. The house is now finish, with the full satisfaction of the customer and we still in charge for maintenance and administration.
Team involved for this project: Architect, Civil Engineer, Construction manager, Land specialist, Lawyer, Accounting, Project Manager, Interior Designer

Project Details

  • Client: Private Customer
  • Location: Ko Lanta
  • Project Begin: December 2012
  • Project End: January 2014

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